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hey guys in today’s video I’m going to talk about how to sell insurance to friends recently I’ve been receiving many messages from the family asking me questions like dr. Sanjay can you teach me how to sell insurance to my friends my manager asked me to call all my friends but I’m scared that they will unfriend me and because of this right I’m a new adviser and I don’t have any prospects to talk to how do I make my friends interested in financial planning so in today’s video we’re going to dive deep into the topic of how to sell insurance to your friends now before we move on I just want to give you a quick introduction of myself my name is dr. Sanjay t’lani and I’m also the family leader of Sanjay mentoring family which helps financial advisors like yourself to become successful financial planners having been in the industry for 18 years I have a unique view of what works and what doesn’t in the financial planning world and it is my hope that I can pass this experience to new generation of future financial advisers so that they don’t have to go through the same struggles as I have by the way to the channel and click the bell icon for notifications to get the latest video updates so I can share more tips and strategies with you to increase your overall sales so here are 4 learning points we will discuss in today’s video why our advisers hesitant to sell insurance to their friends why are your friends not buying from you

why sell insurance to your own friends how do I approach a friend to talk about financial planning firstly let us discuss the first learning point why advisers are reluctant to sell insurance to their friends does it sound familiar when you first started selling insurance your manager probably asked you to write down a list of hundred friends you have you are then required to call each and every one of them telling them that you’re doing financial planning and asking them to meet you for a survey appointment your mentor will then accompany you to these meetings and try to close your friends for you sooner or later you realize that word spreads and all your other friends start to avoid you you don’t want to spoil your relationship with them and rather than approach warm leads you start to sell insurance to cold leads through cold calling even when you catch up with your friends you are always concerned whether you should tell them that you’re an advisor and if you did would you scare them away if you have the above feelings don’t worry me too in fact I can assure you almost every single advisor in our industry has to experience the above situation after eighteen years of selling insurance I’ve found out that there are two reasons why advisors are hesitant to sell insurance to their friends number one you don’t want to spoil your friendship yes I understand it’s something difficult to bring up the topic of insurance to your close friends because you are afraid that they will think you’re just after the commissions

number two you’re not confident of your knowledge and products you see it is difficult to sell something you’re not good at especially to your own friends okay so you are probably wondering Sanjay I am hesitant can you teach me what’s the best way to sell insurance to friends without spoiling my friendship now before we touch on that let us discuss our second learning point for today why I are friends not buying from you for a friend to buy insurance from you there are two things that must happen number one you must have the professional ability this includes you giving the right advice and knowing your product if you do not have the professional ability do check out some of the books I’ve written to help you out with that remember nobody will buy insurance from an advisor that doesn’t know what he or she is doing so when you see your best friend buying insurance from another advisor chances is either because you didn’t approach your friend or your friend don’t trust your professional ability number two you must develop trust with your friends Trust is developed via your prospect interaction with you and with what you have heard about you or read about you people buy from people they like and trust even if you give the best advice nobody will purchase anything from you if you don’t have any trust in you so remember if your friends are not buying from you today chances are you either didn’t develop sufficient professional ability or you didn’t develop enough trust work on this too and I assure you you will be more confident as you approach your friends for insurance the third learning point why sell insurance to your friends many advisors struggling with approaching their friends and I can 100% I’ll show you this is a mindset issue and if you’re one of them I want you to listen carefully to three reasons why you should sell insurance to your friends reason number one everyone needs insurance insurance is a necessity and an essential form of risk transfer if you do not sell insurance to your own friends

today another advisor will someday down the road reason number two the best gift you can give your friends today is a peace of mind don’t think your friend is doing your favor by buying insurance from you stop thinking that way you are actually doing them a huge favor by giving them a lifetime peace of mind reason number three insurance helps your friendship last forever when we offer insurance to our clients our commitment with them is a lifetime wouldn’t you prefer to service your own friends for a lifetime I hope the three reasons give you a better clarity on why you should sell insurance to your friends trust me I’ve been in this industry for a long time and I love to sell insurance to my friends because working with them makes my work more meaningful and enjoyable now let’s move on to talk about our lost learning point for today how do I approach a friend to talk about financial planning many advisors have been asking me Sanjay can you give me a script and the request actually shocked me why do you need a reason to talk to your friend but okay I understand you are probably a bit lost about what to do so let me break it down what I do personally as a practitioner and hopefully you can get an idea on how to approach your friends to talk about financial planning here is a question approach about what I will say to my friends a friend can I ask you a question you see we have known each other for such a long time and you have never spoken to me about financial planning before even if you know that I am in this line is it because I’m not good enough for you yet I will probably say this in a casual tone I will then follow up by saying as you know I only want to work with people I like and respect as your friend I just want to make sure you’re fully covered so why don’t we spend some time next week sit down and I’ll tell you more about financial planning if your friend says yes then good if it’s a no then it means you have not created a good reason for him or her to say yes here is a case study approach about what I will say to my friend hey friend I have recently met a client that is just like you young couple with a child who’s 2 years old they are looking for a full insurance card coverage and investment and while I was helping them with their financial planning I suddenly realized that what has worked for them could work for you too is and I asked myself why haven’t we sat down and talked about financial planning despite us knowing each other for years so why not we find time to sit down next Tuesday to look at your finances together I love to see how I can help you I hope the above 2 examples help you better understand how to sell insurance to your friends if you want to find out more about how to approach your prospects check out my youtube videos on how to start a presentation I also want you to give a read to the financial planning book that I’ve written to find out more about what you can say to value and your friends so let’s quickly summarize what we have learned so far learning point 1 we have learned that advisors are reluctant to sell insurance to their friends because they don’t want to spoil their friendship and they are not confident of their knowledge and product learning point 2 you need professional ability and Trust to get your friends to buy insurance from you learning point 3 there are three reasons to sell insurance to your friends reason number one everyone needs insurance reason number two the best gift you can give your friend is peace of mind reason number three insurance helps your friendship last forever learning point four you don’t need a reason to approach your friends but you if you have to start your conversation with a question or a case study I hope you enjoyed today’s video if you like the content and let me know in the comment section I like it so I’ll be motivated to create more or some content for you I know being a financial advisor is not easy that is why I’ve set up the sunshine mentoring family to help you in this journey don’t forget to sign up at learn sanjit Ilana come to receive more awesome videos from me I have an important announcement to make for those of you who have been following me for some time you probably know my newest book the financial planning book is ready but we haven’t launched it this is a book I’ve written for you to give to your clients in this book I cover why should you buy insurance I will convince them why insurance is important I also cover how much insurance you should buy I will show them how much insurance they really need just by answering three simple questions I’m also covering the five stages of financial planning I will run through them the five stage of financial planning so they themselves know where they are and what insurance they really need objection handling I will even handle common objections that they have about insurance in this book and the list goes on in fact when I wrote this book the intention was for you to give it to your clients and after reading it they would come to you asking for advice instead now here’s the truth I spoke to my project manager about releasing the e version of this book to the family and he was against it he said we spend close to six figures on production and if you were to give it out as an e-book we might not even break even at all also people take free things for granted and would share it around so we had a long meeting about it and here’s what I decided for the very first time in the history of the Sun German touring family we will be releasing an ebook the financial planning book even if I lose money on it it doesn’t matter because the profits that I gained from my books were actually donated to charity that I personally support and I truly believe in supporting everyone during tough times so here is how it will work I’ll be putting up the books for sale online for one dollar you’ll be able to download the eBook version of the financial planning book if you support the work you can choose to pay $10 for the eBook version too the idea is I know there are many advisors or family who are not able to afford the book and I want to help them if you are willing to pay for shipping we will ship out the hard copy to you you just pay for shipping fees but please understand the shipment might be slightly delayed due to the current situation but rest assured my team will do their best to make sure you get your book hands on the book also we will send you the eBook version here’s a bonus we are throwing in will be moving out Sanjay mentoring family marketing guide which basically covers number one what you can do on social media number two how you can reach out to prospects online number three what are some of the content strategies you can do during this period of time that I’m doing for myself this is what I want you to do when you download the ebook step one I want you to download the ebook together with a marketing guide created by my marketing team step two I want you to run through the material and see if there’s any good content you can use to value-add your clients step three I want you to send the e version of the guide to your clients with the following message hey mister or miss client I know this is a period of uncertainty right now I have clients who are truly worried about how covered 19 will affect their lives and finances if you are worried too don’t worry you are not alone let us go through this tough period together and if you need someone to talk in the meantime let me know I will be here for you I’ve attached a financial planning book which I believe will help you understand about financial planning better spend time reading page 76 I think the information will help you a lot let’s catch up soon the idea is to truly value-add your clients during this period and assure them you will be there for them I hope you are happy with this arrangement if you want to grab yourself a copy of the book please share this video comment and tag your friends I want to value at my clients with ADD 3 friends name my team will reach out to you and send you the link if you find value in this video the best way to thank me will be to share this video with other advisors around you together I’m confident we can get through this tough time positively remember you are not alone the family is always here to support you remember growth is painful change is painful but nothing is as painful as getting stuck sure you can sit down and wait for the markets to get better but remember inaction doesn’t mean safeties on certain times like this rather than hoping things get better why not spend time to build a foundation which is strong and position yourself for growth when it comes about together let’s make financial planning easier and happier for everyone you

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